12 Days of Christmas Deals

Partner Submission

Hey partner! Thank you so much for participating in our second 12 Days of Christmas Deals. I'm super excited you are here! This page should contain all the information you need. If I left anything out, or you have questions, do let me know. Using the same channels I invited you with is the best.

How Will This Work?

It's simple. You submit an offer I can advertise/send to my people using my affiliate link. It must be something I can earn an affiliate commission from. If it is a free front-end offer, I'd expect some sort of back-end offer. That can be a bump offer, an OTO. It doesn't matter. Be creative 😃.

If offering a discount, I'd love to have offers that are 50% or more discount. You can of course also submit brand new, never-released products. Those usually do well.

Whatever it is, this offer will be available for 24-hours only. I will assign a date to you between December 1st and December 11th. December 12th will be my offer since it coincides with my birthday. On December 13th, we'll re-open ALL offers for 24-hours one last time.

Important Dates

Nov 1 Last day to submit

Nov 15Page/links must work

Dec 1 Deals begin!

Dec 13 Deals Re-cap/Close

How To Submit?

Glad you asked. Simply complete the form below. I will let you know which dates your offer will be assigned to as things firm up.

12 Days of Christmas Deals Submission

Offer Details

The information requested in this section will be used to create your offer listing.
Can be your name or your brand name.
Please limit to 150 words or less.
What it normally costs when people see it on your site now.
This can be direct to checkout or your sales page.
If there are special instructions, enter them here.

Frequently Asked Questions