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Build That List Now Event

June 8th - 13th, 2020


Hi! My name is Lynette Chandler. You are here because I have personally extended an invitation for you to be part of an online event I'm putting together named Build That List Event.

Below, you'll find all the details you need to know and how to get involved. I look forward to seeing a loud YES from you!


Why Build That List?

Being a seasoned marketer, you know full well that the ability to communicate with your customers and leads is critical. People almost never buy from their first contact with us. In fact, it takes multiple encounters and points of encounters. The more you surface for the customer, the more likely they buy or take note of you.

The problem is, many businesses - maybe even your audience - don't take this too seriously, don't think they have anything to offer, believe they can wait till they launch, or are intimidated about building their list and keeping up with it.

Why Now?

Because suddenly, businesses now realize how important it is to be able to reach out to their customers without having to call them one by one and without having to rely on Facebook or social media which can be hit or miss.

Though we hope to have this pandemic behind us by June, we all know it's not as easy as hitting a reset button. The economic repercussions will last long after this season. In order to come back and come back stronger, businesses need a way to communicate and compel their customers to act. Email is still the best vehicle to do that.

Beyond that, list building is somewhat of an evergreen topic. Something all businesses should be doing all the time.


Let's Be of Service

You and I, we've been doing this online marketing thing for a while. We both have a strong list or lists that we've built over time. We know how to build a list, engage a list and everything in between.

We may not be able to find the cure for this horrible illness, but we can help other businesses get in a position for a strong comeback.

What To Contribute

This event will be structured as a summit with a giveaway on the backend. What you will need is gift to all who register, and a 20-30 minute presentation that is (ideally) related to that gift, or teach someone how to use that gift to the fullest.

Why? Because too many giveaways are just a mindless downloading exercise of stuff people never use, from people we have very little or zero relationship with.

By the time you are allowed to email them, people would have forgotten who you are, and what they received from. Guess what happens when they see your email? SPAM!

I want us to start building a more intimate relationship with our audiences from the get-go by putting faces and voices to our names with the summit. And... show them the gift is something of real value and not a bribe.

On that note, your gift shouldn't have been gifted before in other giveaways, or found freely on your website. We want this to be of real service to people and a true giveback.

Example Topics

Building A List From Scratch

Software Review

How To Software Walk Through

What To Send & How Often

Ways To Engage Your List

Email Copywriting Tips

FREE Or Low Cost Ideas

How To Grow Your List

Suggest Something 🙂

How To Contribute

There is no contribution fee, but we do ask that you be 100% committed to the following requirements. If you do not believe you can or are not willing to commit to these requirements, this is not for you. Please do not apply.

Your Responsibilities Include:

Sending 3 solo emails during the summit

Making at least 5 social media posts

Showing up and giving a top notch presentation

Giving away one item to all attendees

Gift must not have been featured in other giveaways

No upsell or offer on gift thank you page

No promoting any offers during the summit

YES! I Agree & Am Ready

Fantastic! Simply click the button below to complete the form. We'll be in touch if your application is accepted.

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