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Flex Pass

Your once-a-year chance to grab a pass to get $200 worth of products for 50% less for a whole year of shopping.

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How It Works

When you purchase a Flex Pass, you'll receive a coupon code reserved just for you. This code will have a stored value of $200. Each time you purchase a product from our store, we'll deduct the order amount from your pass - like a digital wallet. It's that simple!

Current or Upcoming Products

You can use it to purchase any existing product in the store or save it to use on upcoming releases. As long as you have money in your pass, and it hasn't expired, you can use your pass.


Shop All Year Long

Your personal Flex Pass is good for 1 year. Get it and go shopping now to collect every product you missed, or save it for a future purchase. As long as you use it within the year, and you have money left, you're good to go!

The Best Deal We Offer. Period.

We usually offer an early-bird discounts for new products. You can use your Flex Pass on these too. Saving you even more money!


Stack It

Got a bigger budget? Want to buy more than $200 worth of products? You can stack your  Flex Passes. Just purchase multiple passes, one at a time.

Beat The Upcoming Price Increase

It's true. A price increase is coming. It's not something we like or want to do. We've tried to keep the increases to zero or very minimal the last couple of years. But with the global inflation, it's becoming increasingly difficult. With the Flex Pass, it doesn't matter what price, you will still save 50%.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Buy With My Pass?

Pretty much everything we have on sale. If it's in our store, you can use it. See what's in the store.

Does The Pass Expire?

Yes it does. Your pass is good for one year from your date of purchase. This date is displayed on your Flex Pass page in your account.

How Do I Stack (Order More Than One)?

Simply return to this page, click any of the order buttons and repeat the checkout process. With every order, you'll receive one  unique pass (coupon code). You'll also find this code in your account.

Can I Pick & Choose What I Want?

Absolutely! You can use your pass to purchase only the products you want and skip the ones you don't want.

What If I Don't Use Up The Value?

Why wouldn't you? But let's be candid here. If you don't plan to use your pass, please do not buy. The Flex Pass is strictly use or lose. You will forfeit the balance when your pass expires.

Do I Have To Use Up My Pass In One Order?

Nope. Our system stores the value of your pass - like a gift card. Each pass starts with a $200 value. If your first order amount is $50, you'll have $150 left for a future order. As long as you use up the value within the year, you're good.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Please know, we are writing this from a place of love. If you're thinking of refunding before you purchase, it means you're unsure.

We understand, FOMO is real, but we also want to look out for you before you purchase. If you're not sure, please skip this deal.

In short. No. There is no money-back guarantee. All sales are final. No refunds - full or partial at any time.

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