You Caught Me!


Hey! You're here because I've asked you to join me in a group right? I'm honored you want to connect with me that way. Thank you!

Right now, I'm at a crossroad, so maybe you can help me out. After years of hosting Facebook groups, I'm re-thinking them because Facebook is a huge distraction. I want for you to be productive, not get sucked into other people's drama.

I thought I'd host the group elsewhere, but... where? And of course, I could just forget it altogether. Who wants another inbox to check and groups are in a way, another inbox.

But, but... we all need a little help and connection. See my problem? Instead of me making all the decisions, you tell me what you'd like. Help me out by answering 2 super quick questions to the right. No typing involved and it only takes seconds. Really.

Thank You For Your Input!