Healthy Habits Guided Journal

Get healthy physically and mentally

Finally turn your life around. How many times have you started a new diet or exercise plan and promised yourself you will stick to it? Probably too many times to count if you are anything like me. We have all been there. Often numerous times as we yoyo back and forth. Is there ever an end to this?

Truth is, YES! If you ask many who have successfully lost weight and kept it off, they'll tell you much of it has to do with keeping track of what you eat and your progress. It truly is as simple as that. I've done it and couldn't believe it when I lost 20 lbs because of this simple concept. But what if you tried keeping track before and it didn't work? What if it was too much work, too boring, too ____ fill_in_the_blanks____?

That's where this Healthy Habits Guided Journal comes in. You see, conquering your weight goals is more than willpower. In fact, if you rely on willpower alone, you are destined to fail because willpower requires tremendous energy from you. It is also easily depleted.

No. You need more than that. You need a mindset habit too. Nothing too woo-woo. Only small shifts that help you focus on the key things such as your whys and reducing daily stress.

The Healthy Habits Guided Journal Is Designed To Address All That

Instead of the bland sterile format you find in many health planners. These pages are deliberately designed to be a little fun. Every page is coloring-friendly because the act of coloring helps you reduce stress while keeping your focus on the goal. As you add your own colors to the pages or color in your tracker, you are also creating something that is uniquely your own that brings joy as you open it each day. Keeping your anticipation levels high. But don't underestimate the whimsy because each page is also highly practical.

Here's What's Included

Cover Page

Your Whys Page

Weight Tracker

Foods To Eat

Foods To Avoid


Food and Workout Tracker

Weekly Review

Daily Log

3 X Divider Pages

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Why Printable Planners

Today, we carry powerful cell phones in our pockets. Devices that are supposed to help us work faster, smarter and better. So  why use a paper planner? Isn't that going backwards?

While our devices are able to help us do some things better, at the same time, it also makes us less effective in other areas. There have been numerous studies that support why writing by hand is good for us.

Connects You To Your Goals

Writing by hand stimulates a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. This sends a signal to the cerebral cortex to wake up and pay attention. When you write down a goal, your brain is working hard to see you get it.

Less Distraction

Unlike a phone or computer, a paper planner does not have multitudes of notifications vying for our attention. These are things that break our concentration, making it hard to focus on our task at hand. Pretty important when you're planning big hairy goals.

Easy To Use

Anybody can pick up a pen and put it to paper. There is no need to learn an application. No need to worry about batteries running out or having Internet access. No need to waste time configuring the application. Just open to the page and write. 


How many apps have you spent time trying out only to realize there are certain features missing? Certain parts you wish were different or simply do not support your work style. With paper, you can configure it the way you work. Want a rating system for your day? Simply draw stars. 

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Why Color-Friendly

That is pretty easy. Again, backed by science, the act of coloring has been shown to be have many benefits for adults. Because of these benefits, we want to marry these two powerful so you can be productive, crush your goals and do it all without a whole lot of stress.

Besides, you'll end up with a fun colorful planner that you will be delighted to look at everyday instead of something you dread opening.


Coping Mechanism

Coloring is in part an artful expression and art has long been a good way to help people cope with stressful situations where words simply fall short. Whenever we are working on big projects, stress creeps in and this is a quick way to bring yourself back into a relaxed state.


Improve Concentration

Coloring elicits a relaxing mindset similar to meditation. Like meditation, this repetitive action lets us switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment. This builds upon the act of hand writing. Combined, it helps you stay on track.


Stimulates Creativity

Coloring allows you to express your creativity in a calm manner. This is very helpful for problem solving because it helps us think differently. Anyone of us who has faced large goals and complex projects know the ability to be creative goes a long way to success.

Two In One

We know now that hand writing and coloring are two powerful activities. So why not have them both in one?

No more lugging a planner and a coloring page everywhere you go.

Reduce your stress as you work on your goals.

Turn your journey into a work of art that delights and motivate you each time you see it.

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Private Label Rights

It's true! With this bundle, you get the rights to private label the journal. Here's what it means.

What You CAN Do

  • Give it away as a lead magnet in PDF or JPG format.

  • Sell as your own product on your own website in PDF or JPG format.

  • Put your name on the product.

  • Modify the pages.

  • Add to membership sites.

  • Give to your customers.

  • Use as a bonus.

What You CANNOT Do

  • Claim copyright.

  • Sell on Etsy, Envato, Creative Market, or any creative marketplaces as your own.

  • Resell with private label rights to others.

  • Sell graphic and font assets individually.

  • Sell printing rights to publishing houses.

  • Sell more than 10,000 print copies. If you wish to do that, ask about our extended print rights.

  • Sell or give away Adobe Illustrator editable format.

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