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Prioritizing YOU! Bundle

Help your audience nurture their body, soul and spirit without sacrificing yours.

Here's the sad truth. In today's world, we equate rest to laziness and taking time to care for ourselves as selfishness. We are constantly pouring ourselves out on others and we pride ourselves on that and being busy. Always busy. A full calendar is like a badge of honor and having margin feels wrong. It is no wonder we are tired and anxious all the time.

You know this. And you want to help people slow down, rest, take care, and stop being so hard on themselves. But you also know you have to be mindful of your own rest and personal care. You want to be a good example. How do you show others the way without running yourself ragged?

Good news! You don't have to spend hours writing your course, emails, blog posts or social media posts from scratch. And you don't have to pull your hair out designing workbooks for your clients.

We've Done All The Work For You!

Introducing The Prioritizing YOU! Bundle

You'll get five AMAZING Pre-Created Content Packs
For One Unbeatable Price

Here's what you can do with this content:

  • Build your signature coaching program

  • Sell the journals separately

  • Grow & nuture your email list

  • Publish the workbooks as physical books

  • Post the content to your blog

  • Jumpstart your guest blog posts

And so much more!

Here Is What's In This Bundle Pack

Product #1 Making Rest an Essential Part Of Life

Use this content pack to help your audience make rest an essential part of life for the next 30 days. The content covers helpful tips and advice while challenging them to follow along.

piggy makes bank making rest an essential part of life

This Content Pack Includes:

  • 30 Emails

  • 30 Social Media Posts

  • eBook Compilation

  • Workbook

Here's a quick glance at the 30 titles

  • Rest- Why We Need It In A World That Doesn’t Respect It
    Could You Be Weary Without Knowing It?
  • Mind, Body, Spirit- They’re All Connected
  • Anxiety Is A Form Of Weariness
  • 3 Signs Your Mind Needs Rest
  • Pro-Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep
  • Whatever Steals Your Joy Makes You Weary
  • Exertion And Rest Go Hand In Hand
  • Real-World Solutions For A Weary Spirit
  • Your Mental Health Is Tied To Rest
  • Creating A Schedule That Prioritizes Rest
  • Out Of The Box Tips For Rest And Restoration
  • Families Who Rest Together Stay Healthy Together
  • Resting From Toxins- Inside And Out!
  • When Rest Isn’t Enough- 3 Signs You Need Outside Help
  • Clever Ways To Make Rest A Priority
  • Mental Health Days- Reviving Your Enthusiasm
  • Protecting Your Right To Rest
  • The Rest Tool Kit- To Refresh And Renew
  • Giving Up Control Creates Room
  • Boundaries- Saying No When You Need Rest
  • Using Art As A Form Of Rest
  • Apps That Help Achieve Better Rest
  • Lead By Example - Creating A Culture Of Rest
  • 3 Steps To Create A Rest Mindset Without Feeling Guilty
  • One Man’s Rest Is Another Man’s Worry
  • Meditation And Prayer- Tools For Rest That Work
  • Organizational Tips That Make Resting At Home Easier
  • Maximizing Mental Energy To Avoid Burnout
  • Wrap Up And Where Do We Go From Here?

"Making Rest An Essential Part of Life"
Is Normally $87

Get It And Four More Products For $279

Special Offer: Only $47

Product #2 Sleep Journal

This journal includes pages to set goals and expectations, a daily diary, habit tracker and more. Use it to help guide your clients towards healthy sleep habits so they wake up refreshed and ready for a productive day.

sleep journal banner


Watch This Video To Preview The Pages

Also Included

5 Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Divider Pages

Image 2019 06 20 at 6.35.31 PM

10 Social Media Images

Image 2019 06 20 at 6.36.27 PM

30 Social Media Posts & 3 Photo-Realistic Mockups

Social Media posts
Sleep journal mockups

"Sleep Journal" Is Normally $39

Get It And Four More Products For $279

Now Only $47

Five journals and planners for one deeply discounted price.

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Product #3 Self-Love to Improve Your Inner Naysayer

This pack includes 30 Days of Self-Love content designed to help your readers explore the many benefits of accepting themselves. The content goes over helpful tips and advice that challenge them to follow along and develop more self-love.

pmb self love to improve you inner naysayer

This Content Pack Includes:

  • 30 Emails

  • 30 Social Media Posts

  • eBook Compilation

  • Workbook

Here's a quick glance at the 30 titles

  • Why It’s Important to Embrace Self-Love
  • How Negativity Can Impact Your Mind and Your Body
  • What Exactly is Self-Love?
  • 3 Simple Hacks to Help You Feel Better About Yourself Today
  • How Becoming More Self-Aware Can Help You Feel Better About Yourself
  • Getting Clear About Your Purpose and Beliefs Boosts Confidence
  • The Connection Between Self-Love and Confidence
  • Don’t Buy into Labels – You’re So Much More Than That
  • When Should You Listen to Your Inner Naysayer and When Should You Ignore Him or Her?
  • Do You Recognize Your Inner Naysayer When It Pipes Up?
  • How to Practice Self-Love
  • Embrace the Self-Love Without Becoming a Narcissist
  • Become Aware of When Your Inner Naysayer Pops Up
  • How Self-Love Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • The Power of Positive Pep Talks
  • Simple Journaling Idea – Focus on What You Did Well Today
  • How to Reframe Your Negative Self-Talk into Something More Productive
  • Focus on Specifics to Defuse Your Inner Naysayer
  • Practice Mindfulness to Feel Better About Yourself
  • Focus on What You May Be Missing if You Listen to That Inner Naysayer
  • Practice Helps You Get Better at Being Brave
  • Try a Social Media Fast for an Instant Confidence and Happiness Boost
  • It’s Ok to Ask for Help in Defusing Your Inner Naysayer
  • Start Your Day by Focusing Your Gratitude and Positivity
  • Tell That Inner Naysayer That It’s Okay to Fail and Make Mistakes
  • Let’s Talk About the Importance of Self-Acceptance
  • The Power of Letting Yourself Be Vulnerable
  • Guess What – You’re Not the Only One with a Loud Inner Naysayer
  • Self-Love Starts with Self-Forgiveness
  • Let’s Recap 30 Days

"Self-Love To Improve Your Inner Naysayer"
Is Normally $87

Get It And Four More Products For $279

Limited Special: Only $47

That's a savings of $232!

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Product #4 Journey To Self Love

Packed with 50 thought-provoking prompts designed to help people gain self-acceptance and a beautiful design. Its FUN fill-in-the-blank style is also easy to use, without the pressure to complete whole pages. Use this to publish your very own print journal or a lead magnet to attract clients to your business.Journey to self love journal Banner

Watch This Video To Preview The Pages

Also Included

5 Hand-Drawn Motivational Divider Pages

journey to self love journal contact sheet dividers


10 Social Media Images

journey to self love journal contact sheet social media

30 Social Media Posts & 3 Photo-Realistic Mockups

Social Media posts

"Journey To Self-Love" Is Normally $39

Get It And Four More Products For $279

Special Offer: Only $47

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Product #5 Benefits of Journaling Article Pack

Whether you are plotting out a new business, processing your thoughts in a safe place or creating a documentary of a journey, journaling is an effective way to sort through life and create new outcomes. Inform your readers about the many benefits of journaling. Share the articles on your blog, use them in your newsletter, or compile them into a fresh new lead magnet. Then promote the content using the included emails and social media posts.


PMB Benefits of Journaling

This Content Pack Includes:

  • 10 x 400-Word Articles

  • 10 Emails

  • 10 Social Media Posts

Here's a quick glance at the 10 titles

  • Three Big Benefits Of Keeping A Journal
  • There Are Many Different Ways To Journal – Here Are Some Ideas
  • How To Get Started Keeping A Journal
  • Journaling For Mental Calm and Clarity
  • Journaling to Keep Track Of Progress & Growth
  • Journaling As A Learning Tool
  • Journaling To Practice Mindfulness
  • Journaling To Encourage Creativity & Out Of The Box Thinking
  • Getting Into The Habit Of Journaling Daily
  • Take The Time To Look Back Through Your Journals

"Benefits of Journaling"
Is Normally $27

Get It And Four More Products For $279

Special: Only $47

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BONUS: Implementation Guide

The last thing Tracy, Susanne and I want is for you to purchase this bundle and have it sit in your hard drive gathering virtual dust. We truly want you to get the most out of this bundle and we understand how overwhelming a bundle like this can be.

That is why we added this bonus document to walk you through five different options for implementing this bundle. Each option is broken down in easy-to-follow steps. All you do is follow along.


Remember! This bundle includes

Commercial License

Here's a quick run down of what else you can do.

  • Give it away as a lead magnet in PDF or JPG format.

  • Sell as your own product on your own website in PDF or JPG format.

  • Put your name on the product.

  • Modify the pages.

  • Add to membership sites.

  • Give to your customers.

  • Use as a bonus.

The only item in this bundle that doesn't come with commercial use rights is the Implementation Guide. Full licensing details can be found here.

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