What Is The 2021 Passport?

The passport is a personal code you can use for limited times to claim any product we make in 2021 for free. Once you claim the product, you have lifetime use & access to it. 

How It Works

When you grab one passport, our system automatically assigns a unique redemption code exclusive to you. You can use that code to claim any 6 products we release in 2021. 

When we release a new product, you can use your unique code to claim it right away or wait till later. As long as you use your code by December 31st, 2021, you'll get the full value of the passport.


Sounds Good. I'm In.


Save Even More Up To 70%

Wait! Don't you give out 50% off each time you release a new product?

That is true. Each time we release a new product, we offer everyone an early-bird discount at half off, only for the first few days. That's a big discount on its own but you'll save even more with the passport. Up to 70%.

The time frame you can use the early-bird coupon is also very small and you might miss it. This early-bird offer is also not guaranteed and subject to change at any time. Your only chance to get it lower than half off is now.

Get More If You Need

A single passport purchase grants you one code good for 6 uses. If you want more, you can purchase more than one passport!

Every purchase of the passport gets you one unique code for 6 uses. Purchase two, and you'll get two codes you can use to claim 12 products. The maximum is 4 passports.


I Like That!

Available To Claim Now

Set Your Goals

Formulate your goals and develop a plan of action to make them a reality.


100 Days To Build a Habit of Gratefulness

Help build a positive habit of being gratefulness.


Win The Home Stretch

Finish the year strong so you can look back with pride instead of regret.


Three Column Planner #2

2022 planner with three columns to plan different schedules.


Discover Your Power Journal

Help people reflect and re-discover their strengths.

Subscription Business Planner

Guide your clients how to start a subscription business.

Promise Keeper Bible Discovery Journal

Help your audience hold on to God’s promises with this immersive reading plan and journal.

Get Interviewed Workbook

Methodically lead your audience to gain visibility through interviews on podcasts, blogs and more.

Personal Finance Trackers

Help your audience stay on top of their finances, from everyday budgeting to loans and medical expenses.

Promote What You Have

Create a plan to consistently re-market existing products and break free from the continuous launch cycle.

Change Your Mindset for Greater Success

Help people gain awareness of harmful self-talk, provide direction to build positive ones and more.

Build Your Perfect Podcast

Give your people a helping hand to create a powerful podcast to grow their business or turn into a business of itself.

Just For You Dad Guided Memory Journal

Give people a unique way to remember dad or express their love. Perfect for Father’s Day and birthdays.

Turn It Off Digital Detox Journal

Help your audience take back control of their technology for a healthier, fuller life.

Ethereal Galaxy Backgrounds

A set of high resolution galaxy / space backgrounds for you to use in your commercial planners, workbooks or print on demand products.

Affiliate Manager's Planner

Teach others how to build and grow an affiliate program so they can have more leads, better conversions and greater sales.

Hand Drawn Chic Course Book Template for Canva

Course book template bundle with a whimsy hand drawn style complete with matching social media and banner designs made for Canva.

Undated Teacher's Planner

If you want to serve the educator niche, this undated teacher's planner is an excellent addition to their toolkit.

Stars & Stripes Digital Paper Template

Use this template to generate countless stars and stripes themed digital paper for your commercial use workbooks, planners, journals or print on demand products.

Anger Reflection Journal

A self-help tool to process, manage and reduce impatience, irritability, and anger.

Vintage Botanical Clip Art

Perfect for print on demand products, printable items for sale on Etsy, patterns and more.

30-Days To Better Self-Care Habits

Help people positive self-care habits to achieve balance, get healthier, develop a joyful mindset and more.

Your Keto Diet

Explore the keto diet, track progress, plan for success and evaluate results with this planner.

Homeschool Startup Workbook

A workbook to help people navigate their homeschooling options.

What's Coming Up

*These titles may change slightly

2022 Three Column Planner

Organize & plan 3 areas of your life in one planner.

Win The Homestretch

Make the last quarter of the year a huge success

100 Days of Gratefulness

Perfect for any season to build a thankful mindset

Set Your Goals

Plan for a successful new year ahead

Comprehensive Startup Workbook

A complete planner to help start a business

Social Media Planner

Create a strategic social media plan

Email Marketing 101

Plan your email & list growth for profit

Challenge Your Comfort Zone

Push your limits to create a better version of yourself

I Want To Claim Those Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Return to this page, add the passport to your cart and complete the checkout process again. Repeat this up to a maximum of 4 times.

Yes. All codes issued as your passport expire at 11:59 PM December 31, 2021 (EST). You have until this time to pick and choose what products you want.

Yes and No. Your code only applies to new products released in 2021. We update this page every time a new product is released and we'll also notify you by email. An products released prior to 2021 is not included.

That is highly unlikely. Since we started, we've released more products each year. Not less. Having said that, if 2020 taught us anything, it's never say never. In the small event we release less than 24 products, we'll offer you the opportunity to use your code for other products or extend its use to January 2022.

There is a real possibility we put out more than 24 products in 2021. Assuming you've exhausted the uses of your codes, you'll have to purchase them at regular price or, watch your inbox closely for our new product announcements. We often include a half off code for the first few days.

Absolutely! That is the beauty of the Passport. You can choose to claim only the ones you want and skip the ones you don't.

Let's be candid. If you don't plan on using your codes, please do not purchase. All sales are final for the 2021 Passport and no refunds - full or partial. The 2021 Passport is strictly use it or lose it. 

We'll encourage you to wait till the end of 2021 to shop again. You might see something later that you can use.

But we'd like to stress this again. All sales are final for the 2021 Passport and no refunds - full or partial. The 2021 Passport is strictly use it or lose it.

Please know, we are writing this from a place of love. If you're thinking of refunding before you purchase, it means you're unsure. Lynette always says, "If I'm not sure, I won't buy." and that has served her well.

We understand, FOMO is real, but we also want to look out for you before you purchase. If you're not sure, please feel free to skip this deal.

Now, to answer the question, all sales are final for the 2021 Passport. No refunds - full or partial.

Do you have a different question?