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Blog Monetization Plan

Develop the skills and habits to have a better day by starting the day off right.
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Previous Releases

Self-Care For Busy Moms

Reach moms? Show them how they can find time and take care of themselves to stay mentally healthy.
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Book Marketing Planner

Your clients poured their heart into their book. Help them get it out to the masses.
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Content Marketing Plan

Help your clients develop content marketing goals, find endless topics, re-use their content and so much more.
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Product Launch Marketing Plan

Break down your clients' overwhelm. Help them work through the launch process in a clear, systematic manner.
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Mom, If You Didn't Know Journal

Publish this and get in front of people looking for meaningful gifts for mom. A year round, evergreen niche.
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Enduring Love Wedding Planner

Download and publish this planner in an evergreen niche. Help couples plan the wedding of their dreams.
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Encouragement Journal

Write a little pick-me-up book so they can look through it when they need encouragement, or use as a gift.
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Praying The Word Journal

A handy journal to help you or your people learn to pray using scriptures and develop the habit of praying.
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30-Day Fitness Challenge Workbook

Challenge your audience to get healthy and reach their fitness goals.
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Journey To Self Love Journal

A fill-in-the-blanks journal, packed with 50 thought-provoking prompts to cultivate self acceptance.
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