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The Power Of Blank Pages

Each year it seems technology is moving faster and getting smarter. Calendar features are considered basic on devices, wearables and more. And yet, there's a rising trend in good old-fashioned paper products like planners and journals. Why?

"The easiest and most ubiquitous way to get stuff out of your head is pen and paper."

- David Allen, author or Getting Things Done.

This is so true because good old-fashioned pen and paper requires no power nor Internet to operate. It has no program-specific limitations. Remember a time when you need to enter some data into your app but the app doesn't have the option? On paper, you can write in the margins, in a corner or a different page taking no more than a few second.s

Paper also has no distractions. How often have you started entering something into a program and got distracted by notifications and texts?

People Are Craving Simplicity

The bottom line is, people - even younger generations who grew up in the digital age are craving simplicity and paper planners and journals are delivering it big time. Take a look at some of the brands who have used planners, journals and workbooks to grow exponentially or build a whole new business!


You Too Can Take Advantage of This Trend

  • Without Any Design Skills

    Our designers are not only talented, they have real world book publishing experience.

  • Without Expensive Software

    Templates can be edited with software you likely already have like PowerPoint or Google Slides

  • No Additional Outsourcing Burden

    No people to manage, no unmet schedules or fear of them ghosting you with your money.

  • No Long Boring Course

    You don't have to sit through hours of classes to learn how to do create your workbook or journal.

We've Done All The Work For You

All you need to do is utilize our pre-built templates and add your own flair to it, and you'll have your own journal or workbook to publish on your website, in your course, for your clients or on Amazon. Wherever you would like to publish.

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