How To Use Done For You Coaching Content For Coaches 

 January 26, 2022

By  Lynette

There are so many ways to market your coaching services online. One of the most effective method is using content marketing. The problem with content marketing is it takes time, focus and energy to create. After you create, it takes time for your content to get found.

Such is the nature of the Internet. It's built upon content. If you want to use it to build your coaching business, you must have content in various forms. There lies the rub. Content creation is not what you are in business for. It may not even be something you're good at.

To solve that problem, the immediate solution people think of is hiring a writer. But as you know, the cost can add up quickly. That's difficult to do when you're just starting out. A better solution is to use done for you coaching content.

What is done for you coaching content?

Simply put, done for you coaching content is content that someone created about a topic that you consult or coach others on. Instead of publishing the content themselves, they are licensing it to you to use.

The most common type is a non-exclusive license. That means other people can also purchase that content for their use. Think stock photos like the ones you find on iStockPhoto or DepositPhotos

Done for you photos

Why use done for you coaching content?

Have you ever used a stock photo or artwork in your blog posts, social media content, workbooks, business card-anything? If you have, you're already an expert user of done for you content and why you do, is your answer.

Using these already created content assets means you don't have to hire your own photographer for every blog post you write. Imagine the costs! Not only that, there's the time involved for the photo shoot, plus the back and forth between yourself and the photographer.

All these hidden costs apply when you hire a writer too.

Besides the cost factor, there's the issue about time. Imagine having to wait days just to get a few photos to go with one blog post or social media post you put out. That's crazy. By then, your content may not even be relevant anymore.

Finally, using done for you coaching content beats doing it yourself. Your job is to help your clients achieve their goals and dreams. Not to churn out content which can turn into a full-time job on its own.

Done for you coaching content is a meet-you-halfway solution. Low enough in cost to purchase without breaking your bank, less work because it's already done and editable to make it yours.

It's like having someone create the draft for you and you put the finishing touches on it to reflect your business.

Types of done for you content

Ok! You're sold and you understand the concept. What kind of content can you buy? Here are just a few to get you going.

Done for you worksheets

​​Let's look at how you can use a few of these.

How to use done for you workbooks

When marketing online, the best thing you can do for your business is to build an email list. To do that, you're going to need an opt-in gift. Let's consider what makes a good opt-in gift.

Everyone is busy today and attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. People want to get to work; start doing instead of spending hours learning before they can get their hands dirty. That's why worksheets and workbooks are so appealing.

It can contain both instruction and activity.

Naturally, you can do this yourself. But as we already discussed, why waste time and resources when you don't have to? You can simply pick up a workbook that would help your audience with a problem.

Supposing your target market wants to develop a healthier mindset, but they aren't sure how to go about it. Your opt-in gift can be a 12-week workbook on overcoming negative thinking and toxic self-talk.

That's not the only way you can use a done for you workbook. Maybe you have a VIP client whom you provide one-on-one care support and consultation. To help them implement, you want to send them off with a plan you constructed especially for them.

There's no reason to start from scratch. Grab a done for you workbook. Tailor it to fit this client by adding irrelevant pages and adding your own. Less work, no learning to design anything, and you can use that time you saved for yourself or your own family.

How to use done for you challenges

Opt-in gifts are the only thing you can do with done for you content. You can use them to create a whole new paid program. Let's keep in mind how people are eager to do.

Challenges are a fantastic way to get people to get some hands-on learning. They are also fun! To host a challenge, you'll need some content you can present or give to your clients.

Before you sit down to churn out that content, shop for done for you challenges.

Pick one you know your clients need help with. Then get to work editing, changing, removing, adding and fleshing out any part you think your clients would appreciate further instruction. Make it yours.

Start creating a sales page, give it a price and advertise it far and wide. Now you have your own paid group coaching program faster than you normally would. And you didn't even have to break a sweat.

How to use done for you course materials

Teach using done for you coaching content

​​You must have a course! People tell you that a course is one of the best ways to earn from your expertise. That is true, but have you done it?

If have (Congratulations!) or tried (Kudos!), you know it's a boatload of work. There's no need to work harder than you have. Grab yourself a pack of done for you course materials.

This is working smart, and it's no different from having your assistant create a framework and having you flesh it out if needed. How many courses could you have launched by now if you did that? How much could you have earned by now from your courses?

A course that's not launched doesn't make you money. So either you buckle down to write that course on your own. Or pick up a pack of done for you course materials as your springboard.


These are only a few ideas and suggestions how you can use done for you coaching content.

Here's the nice thing about them. Just because we suggest giving it away doesn't mean you can't sell it and vice versa. You'll amaze yourself when you work out creative ways to use them.

Done for you coaching content is a powerful way to get your business seen, build a list of leads, and profit from without you doing everything yourself. And without spending hours doing it. This frees you up to focus on your core business functions without the burden of content creation.

To start using done for you coaching content for your business, grab any free sample here.

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