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Finally turn your life around. How many times have you started a new diet or exercise plan and promised yourself you will stick to it? Probably too many times to count if you are anything like me. We have all been there. Often numerous times as we yoyo back and forth. Is there ever an end to this?

Truth is, YES! If you ask many who have successfully lost weight and kept it off, they'll tell you much of it has to do with keeping track of what you eat and your progress. It truly is as simple as that. I've done it and couldn't believe it when I lost 20 lbs because of this simple concept. But what if you tried keeping track before and it didn't work? What if it was too much work, too boring, too ____ fill_in_the_blanks____?

That's where this Healthy Habits Guided Journal comes in. You see, conquering your weight goals is more than willpower. In fact, if you rely on willpower alone, you are destined to fail because willpower requires tremendous energy from you. It is also easily depleted.

No. You need more than that. You need a mindset habit too. Nothing too woo-woo. Only small shifts that help you focus on the key things such as your whys and reducing daily stress.

The Healthy Habits Guided Journal Is Designed To Address All That

Instead of the bland sterile format you find in many health planners. These pages are deliberately designed to be a little fun. Every page is coloring-friendly because the act of coloring helps you reduce stress while keeping your focus on the goal. As you add your own colors to the pages or color in your tracker, you are also creating something that is uniquely your own that brings joy as you open it each day. Keeping your anticipation levels high. But don't underestimate the whimsy because each page is also highly practical.

Here's What's Included

Cover Page

Your Whys Page

Weight Tracker

Foods To Eat

Foods To Avoid


Food and Workout Tracker

Weekly Review

Daily Log

3 X Divider Pages

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It's true! With this bundle, you get the rights to private label the journal. Here's what it means.

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What You CANNOT Do

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