3-Year Memory Journal

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Journaling is a wonderful habit to develop. You know it. Your audience knows it but they can just never seem to do it. Maybe they just don't have the time. Maybe the are afraid of staring at the blank page, not knowing what to write. Maybe they just don't think they have a lot to say. Although there are no rules to journaling, but sometimes a big empty page can be scary. So, make it easy for them!

Introducing The 3-Year Memory Journal

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The 3-Year Memory Journal is a one-line-a-day type of journal where your clients only need enter one sentence every day. That's it. No long prose, no agonizing over what to fill the pages with. Just one thought is all they need to record. But there's more. The spaces for next year's entries are laid side-by-side so when they return to the same day next year, they can see exactly how far they have grown - or not. It's also a wonderful way to remind themselves of the good that has happened in the past and more.

Here's What's Included

Cover Page

January Journal Pages

February Journal Pages

March Journal Pages

April Journal Pages

May Journal Pages

June Journal Pages

July Journal Pages

August Journal Pages

September Journal Pages

October Journal Pages

November Journal Pages

December Journal Pages

Review Page

Back Cover

Preview The Pages

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Re-Brandable Rights

It's true! With this bundle, you get the rights to private label the journal. This means you can sell it on your own site and you get to keep all the money. More important, this can happen as early as tonight. Here's a quick run down of what else you can do.

  • Give it away as a lead magnet in PDF or JPG format.

  • Sell as your own product on your own website in PDF or JPG format.

  • Put your name on the product.

  • Modify the pages.

  • Add to membership sites.

  • Give to your customers.

  • Use as a bonus.

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As If That's Not Enough, We're Not Done Yet

To help you sell your brand new planner, we're going to help you. We've re-worked the planner into 4 different sizes most common in the planner world - US Letter, Half size, A4 and A5.

You'll get 5 additional divider pages complete with motivational text to help sweeten the pot for your customer so this will be a no-brainer purchase for them.

You get marketing materials to help you promote your planner. You'll find 3 carefully created mockup images so your planners look and become real in your customer's eyes. On top of that, you'll get 10 social media images. Finally, we also worked up 30 social media posts enough to fill your calendar for weeks.

No spending hours or days writing your own posts, or making graphics. All you need to do is schedule the posts and let them run on auto-pilot.

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Re-Cap What You Will Receive

  • 56 Journal Pages

    (In Letter, Half size, A4, A5. JPG, PDF, PPTX, EPUB, DOCX and INDD)

  • 3 Mockup Images

    (In JPG, PDF and PSD)

  • 5 Divider Pages

    (In Letter, Half size, A4, A5. JPG, PDF, PPTX, EPUB, DOCX and INDD)

  • 10 Social Media Images

    (In JPG, PDF and PSD)

  • 30 Social Media Posts

    (In DOCX)

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