What It Means To Thrive Anywhere 

 September 4, 2016

By  Lynette

There was a time when I thought,

  • If I could get there, I'd be happy.
  • If I could be a mom, I'd be blessed.
  • If I could earn this much, I'd be content.
  • If I could be well-known for this, I'd be fulfilled.
  • If I could do that, I'd be successful.

Well, I went there. I did some of those things and I still wasn't happy. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't unhappy. And I realize for so many, I lead a very charmed life. I should be so lucky. I should be so grateful. I should be jumping out of bed filled with joy every morning…

Except I wasn't.

I was thankful, yes, but when I tell myself the things I was thankful for, I was just going through the motions. I should FEEL alive but I didn't. There was no passion for life. Life was dull. Sedate.

It took me years, and almost losing my husband to fully grasp the breadth and depth of what it means to genuinely live one day at a time. To flourish where you are planted. To be hopeful where I am. To thrive anywhere. That is where the richness of life comes from. From savoring every day. Every hour, every minute. Wholly and completely. In both good times and bad at home or away from home.

On the flip side, thriving anywhere isn't about jumping out of bed every day. It isn't about being a perpetual optimist, or a Pollyanna. It is not about being on cloud nine every day or pretending to be. Thriving anywhere is more about quiet courage. Growing from strength to strength when under fire or when there is nary a cloud in the sky.

Sometimes we might roar but most times, it's about bravely pursuing our dreams when we want to hide, and drinking deeply from life every day when we want to push everyone away.

Have you ever looked at your life, see all the good things about it, acknowledge so many things going right for it but felt dead inside?

If you have ever felt tired of feeling tired about your life. If you've ever found that deep joy from within is so elusive. If you want to dream and achieve big dreams but not wait till you get there to fully enjoy life. Take my hand and let's learn to thrive no matter where what or how together.

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