New Opportunities: Zinnia Journaling App 

 December 12, 2020

By  Lynette

This week, I spent some time going through a fresh course Let’s Get Digital Buyers from Shawn Hansen. Three words to sum it up.

This Is Exciting!

Digital Buyers snapshot

In this course, Shawn introduced me to the Zinnia journaling app. This is an app I stumbled upon before but never explored. The course covers why you should convert your people into digital planning using the Zinnia app, and how you can design elements for people to use in this app. Check it out here…


An Honest, No Holds Opinion

I have to be honest. I’m not completely convinced the market is big enough… yet. That’s the keyword.

What The Research Says

I did some quick research on Etsy and there are not many searches or listings for it… yet. Again, that’s the keyword. This can mean two things. There’s little demand, or it’s still young and it could be a fantastic opportunity to get in “on the ground floor”.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be nice if you clued into the Goodnotes digital planner craze early?

As with most things in business, there is no way to know since we can’t see the future. Does that mean we scrap the idea? No, it simply means you look for clues.

Positive Clues

In the course, Shawn gave me plenty of clues about how this app could take off and become something bigger than Goodnotes where the digital planner market goes. I also did some investigation of my own and peeked in their forums. This is a superb place for market research in any market, by the way.

Looks like some people are already looking at using digital planners they bought on Etsy. This tells me some demand is already forming. That’s a good thing.

There are also loads of requests for the developer to add different design assets. Again, that’s a good sign because if the developers can’t add it quickly enough, they are doing to look elsewhere and you can step in to fill the gap.

Is This Right For You?

You’re thinking — should you get it?

My standard answer is always, if you can’t implement within the next 30, maybe even 90 days, it’s not for you. Please don’t buy if you…

  • Have to “squeeze” it into your already full and successful ventures.
  • Don’t know how this fits into your overall business.
  • Think this is a good idea some day.

This is probably for you if you're…

  • Already selling similar items, e.g. printables & digital planners.
  • Looking for a new business and you’ve got all the systems in place so this doesn’t split your focus too much.
  • New to everything and to start a business.

Will you make anything from this? The answer is, I don’t know and it would be illegal for me to promise you anything.

What I can tell you is my plan. I’m not completely convinced this will be a big income maker for my store yet. However, I’ll throw up a studio assets pack on Etsy to see if I can get any traction. The good part about Zinnia is, it’s a lot easier to port my existing content over. This makes testing a lot easier. That’s my game plan for now.

Here’s the link again so you can review the page and decide for yourself.



If you go for it, I am working on a bonus when you buy through my link on this page. It’s a small book of artwork I ported over to Zinnia that’s perfect for bullet journal fans, and it fits nicely with some of Zinnia’s assets. The cool thing about this set is, people can change the colors — just like Zinnia’s native assets. Here’s what it looks like.

Once I finish the instruction file for it, I’ll load it up and let you know. My goal for this bonus is something you can take and sell immediately without editing. This way, you can test the waters without an iPad and without any extra work.

Digital Buyers Zinnia bonus snapshot

And yes, it comes with commercial use license so you can sell it right away and test this new market.


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