How to Create The Perfect Thank You For Subscribing Page 

 January 5, 2022

By  Lynette

In this post, we'll discuss some ways to improve your thank you for subscribing pages so they're better than ever!

I’ve been an online marketer for over 21 years now and have created many thank you pages. This is by far one of the most overlooked pages you have and yet the most important, especially for new subscribers.

Let's explore some ways to improve your thank you for subscribing pages. 

Make your thank you for subscribing images fun.

Thank Your Email Subscriber!

This is so basic and while most sites do this, perhaps you can do this just a little better. Here are some ideas.

Make your thank you bold and prominent. Don't hide it! Are you thankful or not? Express it with deep gratitude.

Use an image. This image should be on brand. If your brand is playful, you can make it fun, but if your brand is more professional, use a suitably professional picture. The best ones are the ones with your smiling face on it or your team's.

Use video. This takes more effort time wise and emotionally if you are not comfortable in front of the camera like myself. However, this is a tiny and safe way to practice making videos. The more you make, the more comfortable you'll get. This is something I want to do more because it really brings “me” to the stage. People can see instantly my personality and style. That helps start the relationship off on a better footing. 

Deliver What You Promised

Again a no-brainer, right? But sometimes, people overshadow this with their tripwire offer. Do not to that! It makes your subscriber feel like they're being sold to. People want to buy, but not being sold to.

The delivery should be just as prominent as your thank-you message. If you're requiring double opt-in, make sure your instructions are clear.

Tell them what to do. Mention how to confirm their subscription and give them a preview of what to expect after they confirm. In my observation, this point is where marketers lose track.

Spell it out for them. Use bullet points to make it clearer if need be. Your subscribers are smart. But smart people also like to conserve their brain energy. If you spell it out for them, it makes the process smoother, and overall more positive. That helps make a good impression.

Set Email Expectations

Nobody enjoys subscribing to something and receiving content totally different from what they expect. Tell them what they should expect coming from you. If you have a set schedule, even better. Let them know. Don't hide it or surprise people. Surprises are fun but not in email marketing. It makes you look slimy and increases spam complaints. Tell people if they will receive:

  • Special offers and coupons.
  • Affiliate offers and coupons.
  • Helpful content.
  • Any other type of content.

This sounds like a lot, but with some careful writing and editing, you can summarize this all to a brief 1-2 sentence paragraph.

Make A Thank You For Subscribing Offer

You may recall I mentioned how offers overtake the thank you or incentive delivery. Just because some people make it that way doesn't mean you should throw it out. By all means, make a small offer that is easy to say yes to. This item should be:

Low cost. Something easy for the subscriber to spend without too much objection.

Valuable. Just because it's low cost doesn't mean you skimp on your quality. Contrary to that, give them your best.

Relevant. A natural progression from what they opted-in for is best. If you gave away budget planning sheets. Your offer could be:

  • An even bigger pack with multiple styles, colors, or different pages entirely.
  • A mini-course on achieving their financial goals.
  • A recorded interview with people who got out of debt in a short time and how they did it.

Invite Them To Your Community

Finally, get them to connect with you on other spaces like on your social media accounts, groups or podcast. Be careful with this one. If you're not active on a platform, don't invite people to connect there. Choose the places where you are most active.

Not active on any social media channels? Maybe invite them to your own private group. If you don't have any, don't sweat it. This is helpful to build your following on these platforms, but it's meaningless if you're not present.

The thank you for subscribing page is what I like to call a “hidden” page. You often need it, make it quickly and never think about it. Yet, it is one of the best places to make an impression apart from your actual thank you email.

Today, review your own thank you for subscribing pages. What are they missing? What could you do better? Even if it's on point, give it a facelift. It could have been months or years since you did that and it might shock you to see how dated it is. Put this review process on your calendar every year at the very least. This is one page you should not set and forget.




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