Hand Drawn Chic Canva eBook Template

Hand Drawn Chic

Canva eBook Template

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People do judge the book by the cover. In fact, they judge a lot by how something looks. If you are still delivering your course content or lead magnets in 90's style word processor documents, you will come across as behind the times and consequently, whatever you are teaching or advocating is not up to date. Irrelevant to today's world. Never mind the content is up to date. Presentation speaks volumes. Especially today when we are more distracted than ever.

You get that, but you simply do not have the design skills, time or desire to learn. Worse, the last time you handed it over to someone else to do it, you had a terrible time communicating and designs were not what you expected, or worse, the designer ghosted you after taking your money.

What if I told you, you can make your content look sharp, modern and completely branded to you without learning to design or hiring expensive designers?

You're In The Right Place. We Did It For You!

Our designers have crafted a template for you to do just that. Simply drop your content in, add or swap out the images, easily change all colors in one go and you end up with a beautiful book that totally reflects your branding that you are proud to show off.

What's more, the template is designed completely in Canva. That means you don't have to buy any expensive software to edit. You don't even need to pay to use it. You can edit this using a free Canva account.

There's nothing to download. You can edit directly from your browser from anywhere you have Internet. The icing on the cake, you can make multiple copies of this template and re-use over and over.

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What Can You Do With This?

Here Are Some Ideas

  • Create a lead magnet from it to grow your list.

  • Create a workbook for your students.

  • Create handouts for your presentations.

  • Create printable planners and journals.

  • Create printables to sell.

The possibilities are endless! Full licensing details can be found here.

Also Included!

Creating the book is half the battle. You still need to get the word out. We want to make it even easier for you. We've included matching social media, mockup and banner templates so your promos have a cohesive, professional look. And yes, they are all still easily editable inside Canva. Here's what else you get.

Blog banner mockups 3 designs Pinterest mockups 3 designs Instagram post mockups Facebook posts 3 designs Instagram posts 3 designs Instagram story 3 designs

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